Safe and eco-friendly technology

LIMPIDH2O®: internationally patented technology for dredging

The innovative recirculating LIMPIDH2O® technology features the best way to reach outstanding environmental protection levels in special interventions and maritime, lacustrine or fluvial works.

This new technology, fully conceived and made by our company, is currently the only eco-dredging system able to work according to the guideline of the European Community “Ecoinnovation action plan 2020”, that aims at an eco-friendlier economy and technological progress according with Circular Economy principles. DECOMAR LIMPIDH2O® fully meets the requirements of the Italian law regarding environmental protection, the technology used for dredging in harbour as well as the remediation in S.I.N - S.I.C - S.I.R settings and protected environments.

The new philosophy of environmental protection of DECOMAR LIMPIDH2O® technology
achieves such results by carrying out four main points:

Involved locations

Strength and agility of a radically different dredging method

How the eco dredging process works

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Mode of operation

Decomar remediation technology