Rivers and canals

Rivers and canals can be reborn thanks to the Limpidh2o ECODREDGING technology that allows the cleaning of the muds that occupy and pollute the seabed, without causing diffusion with the current of the turbidity and of pollutants themselves. The scalability and adaptability of the plants allows to operate in very limited spaces, in historical and urbanized contexts.

The recovery of withdrawn materials is done by operating, if necessary, all materials on the boats. The ecologic characteristics of the atmospheric emissions of the eco-dredging operation, are the lowest with respect to all other competitors and they are compatible with delicate ecosystems or urbanized contexts. The flexibility of the Decomar Limpidh2o closed circuit and in-depression withdrawal allows to operate both in narrow lagoon contexts, and at great depths.

The selective ability to extract sands and pollutants, leaving the stony bottom intact, gives rivers back their ancient purifying capacity with a great improvement in the clarity of water. The Arno River, for example, can return to look like silver as celebrated in popular Italian songs.