Beaches, erosion, nourishment

Limpidh2o® ECODREDGING allows the re-nourishment of beaches with materials who are selectively recovered from the adjacent sea or from the materials recovered from ecodredging activities nearby. This means working biologically alive sands that are very similar to those on the beach to be nourished.

The Limpidh2o® technology allows to nourish beaches with the exactly compatible grain size, so it can resist to new erosions. With the Limpidh2o ecodredging, nourishment makes the shoreline clearer thanks to the much-decreased dispersion of fine and very fine sediments.

The dream of immediately re-using materials extracted from dredging for coastal nourishment becomes possible with Limpidh2o® ECODREDGING and with our nurturing technologies which represent a perfect example of circular economy, which is ecologically and economically virtuous.

The scalability of the Limpidh2o® system allows it to operate in any context, even the most delicate and the technology can operate even during tourist season.