Economic saving

LIMPIDHO® DECOMAR technology is an eco-dredging system that combines environmental respect with the recovery of resources determining an economic advantage of all the operations in the entire process.

Today LIMPIDHO® DECOMAR is the most economical solution in the market.

The economic saving, compared to traditional dredging techniques and related landfill needs, is not limited to the sum of the chain of costs related to dredging and landfill, but it is also due to the real recovery of resources that otherwise would be completely lost (when transferred to landfills).

The economic savings of LIMPIDHO® DECOMAR technology are therefore enhanced by the valorisation of the recovered resources, which may be reused in other fields.

LIMPIDHO®, the innovative eco-dredging system developed by DECOMAR, is based on the principle that sediments are an indispensable resource for our ecosystem.