Strength, innovation and environmental respect

Decomar S.p.A.

A technological evolution of a long entrepreneurial history

Decomar was founded in 2010 by important Italian companies in the infrastructural sector, mainly operating in Liguria and in Tuscany, in order to research and develop tangible and innovative solutions for environmental restoration and recovery of natural resources.

The company, based in Massa (MS), is owned by the Scavicom Group, which operates in the stone industry and dredging sector, with a recognized experience in the cultivation and infrastructure of quarries and marble mines in Carrara. The Company has acquired its know-how and technical expertise in approximately 80 years of core business in the mining and marine sectors. Decomar has designed and built the dredging technology LIMPIDH2O® that represents the true ecodredging, the only closed-loop system world-wide: this technology allows unparalleled operational flexibility with a real vision of Circular Economy.

The success of LIMPIDH2O® DECOMAR has been validated by the Italian Ministry of the Environment, following activities carried out in the contexts of La Spezia and Livorno harbours in 2014. During these activities, the LIMPIDH2O® DECOMAR technology has been compared to the traditional clamshell. Results showed that only the Decomar ecodredging activities were compatible with the regulatory requirements of environmental protection, while traditional ones caused major turbidity and environmental damage.

DECOMAR continues to develop tits projects with a vision based on the principles of circular economy, a choice that shows our strive for an eco-sustainable future.
Between 2016 and 2017, Decomar has obtained important awards in national and international contexts, culminating with the presence at two world fairs in Shanghai and Beijing, as part of the Italian pavilion, in which it has become one of the symbols of the development of environmental cooperation between Italy and Cina.

Our Mission

L’Ecodragaggio Limpidh2o nasce per promuovere le straordinarie bellezze naturali e vitali dei mari, dei fiumi e dei corsi d’acqua nell’ottica di proiettare lo sviluppo portuale turistico ricettivo e dei bacini in una visione sostenibile e senza inquinamento.

Lavoriamo ogni giorno per costruire questo futuro perché la sostenibilità è la sintesi vitale tra uomo e ambiente capace di accrescere la nostra consapevolezza che il cambiamento non è più uno sterile dualismo tra uomo e ambiente.

Una sfida così radicale richiede una dedizione un impegno e passione straordinari così come straordinario è il patrimonio etico che contraddistingue il talento di tutte le persone che lavorano con noi.

Per realizzare questa ambiziosa mission crediamo nelle cooperazioni a lungo termine quale motore di sviluppo di un cambiamento inarrestabile.