Limpidh2o® ECODREDGING can operate in every harbour context thanks to the scalability and adaptability of the plant dimensions. This means there are no limitations regarding the depth of the site. Its effectiveness is unique, especially in the most heavily polluted harbours, which in Italy are defined as SIN, due to unique features.

First, the technology creates an area of depression around the dig point, therefore allowing the system to work without extracting any water, avoiding turbidity and reducing volumes. Furthermore, the closed loop system isolates pollutants from the rest of the sediments and classifies sediments according to granulometric curves, rendering them reusable in other contexts.

Limpidh2o® ECODREDGING is eco-friendly, being able to operate for long periods in harbours, without causing any concern or ecological alarm.

Limpidh2o® ECODREDGING can become a standard and permanent maintenance activity integrated into harbour life.