Taranto: today at the convention the system for dredging polluted waterbeds will be presented

The new environmentally sustainable system for the remediation of seabeds, coastal waters, port backdrops and contaminated sites. The Limpidho technology developed by the Tuscan company Decomar will be presented in Taranto on the 22nd of January.

In the context of the Study Convention “Reclamation of contaminated sites and environmental remediation technologies”, organized by CNR at the Law Faculty in Taranto on the 22nd of January, a major innovation in dredging technology for all types of waterbeds – coastal, portal, will be presented by Prof. Giuliano Gabbani, teacher of earth sciences at the University of Florence, and Davide Benedetti, CEO of Decomar.

The dredging 2.0 tuscan company Decomar has developed a groundbreaking and totally eco-friendly de-sliming system without excavator. A theme of increasing relevance both for the prevention of floods and hydrogeological instability, and for the reclamation of the many polluted sites that threaten the Italian soil.

It is a challenge to the sea dredging that ploughs the seabed, but ends up polluting the water even further. Instead, the Limpidho technology allows to remove the sediments from the seabed without generating the phenomenon of “resuspension”, which is the pollution of the water caused by the spillage and resurfacing of dredged materials. By working in a sealed space and at high vacuum the surrounding water has no contact with the removed materials. This kind of inconvenience, on the contrary, can be caused by normal grabs, that, for example, recently caused a crab die-off in La Spezia.

The technology developed by Decomar allows for the recycling of the residues and avoids them being dumped in landfills, and, as certified by the Ministry of Environment, while the grab pollutes thirty times more than the limits allowed, Limpidho technology pollutes six times less than average.

All of this will be discussed tomorrow at the CNR convention. An important contribution to the future of the city of Taranto and to the remediation works it needs.

Giuliano Gabbani and Davide Benedetti’s speech “Decomar Innovation: Limpidho technology system for the remediation of contaminated sites and environmental recovery” will be held at 15.20.